We are the perfect combination of high-tech, intelligent, productive workers, and an amazing outdoor experience.

The Missouri One Start workforce development program provides customized training and talent recruitment services to eligible companies throughout Missouri.

Our talent is innovative, hard working, dedicated, diverse, humble, educated and loyal – in other words, they have the Midwest work ethic.

Talented & Skilled Workforce

Missouri Northeast’s talent pipeline is fed by four 4-year colleges, two community colleges, and the Missouri One Start; the State’s workforce recruitment and training division. We are home to a variety of advanced training opportunities, including the world's leading osteopathic college - AT Still Medical School. Our workforce is highly trained and offers affordable wages that enhance both quality of life and your business' bottom line. We have a lot of skilled labor, we are training more of them all the time, and we are busy making and maintaining quality places to keep them here.


Strong Labor Force

trained, competitive and ready to get to work for you

Quality Workforce

Quality Workforce With the Skills to Meet Today's Business Needs

Missouri Northeast’s workforce is comprised of diverse, multi-talented and skilled workers. According to the U.S. Census AC S 2019, the region boasts a highly qualified workforce of 122,000 workers and is growing, making up 4 percent of Missouri's total workforce. Educational attainment of Missouri Northeast’s workforce is improving and is higher than the state and national average, which makes finding skilled, productive employees easier. In 2019, the high school education attainment rate in Missouri Northeast was more than 10 percent greater than the state average according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There are multiple ACT Work Ready Communities that are certified in the region. Missouri Northeast’s top supported industries include manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and agribusiness. In Missouri Northeast, you can have confidence in a ready supply of skilled, experienced, and motivated workers as well as the education and training programs to ensure a competent workforce long into the future.

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