We work harder. We work together. Why? Because your success is important to us. We want your business to grow in our region. Whether you’ve operated in Missouri Northeast for decades, or you’re currently evaluating our community for an expansion location, our team of experts is eager to assist you to ensure you’re thriving in Missouri Northeast. 

Missouri Northeast Mission

Missouri Northeast Mission

It is the Missouri Northeast’s mission to attract quality businesses to the region from anywhere in the world, and to maintain foundational efforts to improve the region’s competitiveness.

History of Missouri Northeast

Developed in 2008, the Missouri Northeast Development Partnership represents cities, counties and organizations in the Northeast Missouri region. The main purpose of Missouri Northeast is to create jobs and increase capital investment in the region. We work with partners on the regional, state, and national levels to market the region to prospective new industry. In addition to our commitment to economic development, we focus on education, networking with strategic partners, and providing a common voice on issues that impact the region.

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