Missouri Northeast is a vibrant, diversified economic engine. Key industries include food processing, fishing, forestry, hunting, manufacturing, transportation/warehousing and professional services/management.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Missouri Northeast is a nationwide leader in both animal and crop production. The rich, fertile soil, level topography and access to waterways provide agriculture producers the natural resources needed to maximize production. This region is one of the top producers of beef, soybeans, pork, dairy products, hemp, corn, poultry and eggs. The region ranks sixth in the nation for production of cattle. Major agriculture industries that call this region home are Poet bioprocessing, MFA Agri Services, Con-Agra, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Western Smokehouse Partners, Chinn Feed Mill.

Enjoying the great outdoors is easy in Missouri Northeast. It is a prime location for residents and visitors to fish and hunt. With access to the Mississippi River, Mark Twain Lake and other regional lakes anglers can always find a fishing hole. Hunters can find access to land year around. Over 1.3 million people fish and over 300,000 people hunt in Missouri annually.

Transportation And Warehousing

Centrally located in the Midwest and in the center of North America, makes Missouri Northeast an epicenter of commerce. More than half of the continental United States is less than a day’s drive, with most other states reachable in less than two. Distribution centers, logistics and warehouse facilities have access to Lewis County Port on the Mississippi River, the BNSF, Norfolk, Canadian Pacific railways, miles of interstate and four-lane divided highways. Just a few of the major transportation companies that call Missouri Northeast home are Midway Freightliner, Leeser TX and Sentinel Secure Storage

Professional Services and Management

Missouri Northeast can be the home for your next headquarters, home office or contact center. The region has affordable office space, state-of-the-art telecommunications and support services needed to run your business. Employers in this sector range from national employers such as Martiz CZ and Cooperative Response Center to local technical startups, Onshore Outsourcing.


Missouri Northeast is a hub for manufacturing activity whether it be a locally owned machine shop or a large, international operation that produces highly sophisticated aerospace parts. The region boasts access to raw materials, skilled workforce, competitive utility rates and available land and buildings.

In the USA, 59 out of 1000 jobs are in production occupations. In Missouri, 70 out of 1000 jobs are in production occupations. In the northeast region of Missouri, 98 of every 1000 jobs are in production occupations. The competitive advantages from that report for this industry include:

  1. Historically strong diversity of agricultural production.
  2. Centrally located with logistical advantages for reaching large markets within 500 miles.
  3. High concentration and high growth in recent years.
  4. Competitive wages for work within this industry.
  5. Existing critical mass of expertise in value-added food processing.

Manufacturers that call Missouri Northeast home are BASF, Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Doyle Manufacturing, Everlast Fitness and Wilson Trailer.

Value-Added Food Processing

Missouri Northeast is situated as a prime location for value-added food processing operations. The region is known as a strong and stable environment for food production and already has skilled workers in the area who know the value-added food processing industry well. Being centrally located near major highways allows food processing operations to efficiently distribute their products to major U.S. markets at low costs.