Current Committees and Chairs

Executive Committee

President – Rebecca Miller

Vice President – Kaylee Paffrath

Secretary – Sue Goulder

Treasurer – Carolyn Chrisman

Government Relations

Chair: Maria Kuhns

The Government Relations Committee works strategically with members to outline and promote the organization's legislative priorities, coordinating with legislators and organizing the yearly Missouri Northeast days at the Capitol.


Chairs: Rebecca Miller and Allie Bennett

The Marketing Committee oversees the strategic marketing of Missouri Northeast, including social and website content. Working collaboratively with Missouri Partnership, the marketing committee has recently completed a podcast project and website overhaul.


Chair: Ralph Martin

Long before the Covid 19 pandemic swept across the world, Missouri Northeast had already identified the issue of a lack of broadband availability, and the effects it was having on our region. In some cases, broadband was available, but did not have the speed or bandwidth necessary to do the things we wanted or needed to do. In other cases, there was no broadband available at all. Parents were unable to work from home, teachers and students were unable to complete homework assignments or do research, and our senior population were unable to access telehealth options even though the doctors that they needed to see on a weekly or monthly basis were 1 to 4 hours away. We started working that day to increase awareness and help find answers to this problem. Our group has been very active in the education of state and federal leaders in regards to the broadband situation and how it is affecting Missourians from all over the state.We will continue to work to provide all the people in our region with fast, safe, reliable, and affordable broadband and cell phone connectivity.


Chair: Sue Goulder

The Housing Committee was formed to collectively work across north Missouri to find solutions to address our lack of housing. We researched many options however, we realized that each community has very unique needs. As we gathered much valuable knowledge and data this committee has moved to an ad hoc committee.

Leadership Northeast

Chairs: Carolyn Chrisman and Shari Schenewerk

This planning committee organizes and conducts a six-session regional leadership institute focusing on the northeast region of Missouri. The program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of the participants while they gain a deeper understanding of our region.  Currently in our fourth year, we focus on six topics important to our region; workforce, broadband, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and navigating government systems while visiting different areas of the region.


Chairs: Carolyn Chrisman

The Childcare Committee works to increase the access and number of quality childcare offerings in communities across the region.  There is no “one size fits all” solution for a community.  Some communities will need to rely on their public education system; others on a local church; in home care; and facility care.  This committee focuses on listening to concerns, sharing information, and advocating for needed changes in regulations, licensing, and funding.